‘Awaken the teacher in You and experience our Unique Life changing programme’

Belly Dance Craft Teacher Training is our certified and UK accredited training programme, consisting of 3 Semesters for our Level 1 & 2 qualification. Each Semester runs over 3 weekends: Friday- Saturday and Sunday, a total of nine weekends spread out in nine months training (Friday night, and full days over the weekend).
Our training offers a complete programme of 200 hours, including theory and practice, video classes and reading material (pdf articles & books). This Holistic Training will be your starting point on how to embrace Belly Dance as a way of living and as an art to be kept with care, respect, love and passion.

What makes Belly Dance CRAFT different from other trainings? It is our unique approach to dance and to the dance teacher that makes this training a plataform to Empower Women towards the path of Self discovery through a Holistic movement training; you won’t be learning only how to teach Raqs Sharqui or Baladi or a prop… you will hold the space for every student to build up self love and self esteem, to desire to be healthier and happier, to care for their physical temple as well as for their emotional and mental wellbeing. You will gain more than only knowledge, you will awaken your power of intuition and wisdom to help others develop a Healimg dance path that will suit along students; the ones that only want to have fun, the ones that needs emotional support, the ones that want to lose weight and also the ones that want to become a professional dancer. Expect the best nine months of you life!!!

During the training we will focus in delivering a high standard course that covers human anatomy, health and safety, dance ethnology, rhythmology, music interpretation, somatics and expressive movement, teaching skills, technique – didactic method and more; not forgetting our DD Programme (Dance Development), which will allow teacher trainees to study with our amazing and carefully selected guest teachers and practice with them different classes to enrich their experience during the training. Some of our DD classes are: Studying Fan veils, Live Arabic drumming, Street Shaabi, Dina style, Yoga, Pilates, Contemporary Dance, Zills/Sagats and more.

This course is designed for everyone interested in Middle Eastern Dance; it aims helping drummers, dancers, yoga/ Pilates teachers, anyone alike to understand the fundamentals of dance interpretation, embodiment, and knowledge in order to deliver a safe, fun, creative and holistic dance class. Designed to help you discover the power that Belly Dancing can create in each one of us, new ways of listening to music, a new approach to dancing to Middle Eastern instruments and dance styles and learning meaningful knowledge that will enrich your life as a human being seeking personal and professional development.

How does the Certificate & Diploma courses work?

Our Diploma course covers our Level 1, 2 and 3 and beyond, which means you become a Qualified Level 3 & beyond Belly Dance Craft teacher. Our certificate Programme covers each level separately, allowing you to only teach beginners (Level 1 & 2); all is accredited. You can add top up specialisation courses such as Fit4Birth, if you wish to teach prenatal & postnatal dance and Stage craft which is our Arts Performance course if your wish to become a professional performer.

More about our training

Whether you are a beginner or expert belly dancer, we have much to offer.

Basic Training details broken-down:

Each Semester takes place over three weekends; a total of nine weekend plus 2.5hrs on Sunday 13th May

Training months:
Semester 1- May /June/July/August 2018
Semester 2- September/ October / November 2018
Semester 3- January / February / March 2019

Classes run on one Friday evening and a full day on a Saturday and Sunday per month, making it easy for participants to digest the material and also to make practical arrangements accordingly. Our training has a total of nine weekends.
Within the training there are some Integration weeks built in to give you time to catch-up or review; one weekend per month will feel more than enough. The pace is designed to give you plenty of time to implement the material and put it into practice, without overwhelm.

Course options:
1. Performance Certificate course ‘Stage Craft Training’ STC
2. Belly dance Craft Teacher Training Program (CTC certified teacher Craft – Belly Dance Teaching Arts)
3. Fit4Birth (pre & postnatal dance 3-1

We offer two unique pathways of becoming a certified Belly Dance Teacher
1. Teacher from Scratch
2. Experienced Dancer Pathway

If you choose the Teacher from Scratch pathway
It includes your Belly Dance checklist movement that you will be tested when ready for proficiency of them.
We suggest your to start your regular classes ASAP! They will give you the experience & dance mastery that you need in group setting. You will receive video support for home practice but a presencial class is essencial for the quality we expect to offer to each of our teacher trainees.
For a student that attend a regular class, they practice a minimum of one hour a week in a five week term, that is about 40-45 hrs per year (taking away our course breaks), in two years this is nearly 100 hrs. Not considering all the Workshops, boot camp, intensives that we offer in our academy and other options offered around Ireland & the UK.
Taking on board a complete beginner/beginner to complete a teacher training from scratch means taking of board committed students that aim to work hard to build up the practice, experience, passion and determination that is required for you to become the best belly dance teacher you can be!

If you choose the Experienced dancer pathway
By experienced dancer we mean, that you have been Belly Dancing for over 2.5 yrs!
Years of Dancing doesn’t always means that you have technical proficiency! It means that you have a very good sense of what belly dancing is, what it means learning in a group setting, probably means having performance experience but when it comes to teaching we may need a technical reboot.
Some people stop for a while then get back Dancing, others have been doing for many years without ever taking a break; others may have never committed seriously to the dance development aspect of this art form, which only shows that we always dance for different reasons and now we will be together for this training purpose to share our skills and passion; each individual coming with its own baggage.

Considering your dance experience, we have different expectations from the participants that will sign up to our ‘Teacher from Scratch’ pathway. By now you are expected to have studied some Dancing basic props like using the veil and the cane (maybe others as a bonus), you have probably performed at Haflas, maybe in various events and attended Workshops/festivals with master teachers. It’s all really exciting to hear all about it!

*Each Pathway offers a different **Entry requirement – GET in touch with us to find that out!!!

This extensive 200-hour course is ideal for serious students, current and aspiring teachers. Participants who pass the written and practical exam and complete all of our training requirements will be awarded a Belly Dance Craft Teacher Training certificate of completion, others will receive a certificate of attendance. Deepen your bellydance practice and understanding of teaching tools, anatomy, history, culture, music, dance expression, womb health, business and lots more with this training

Bonus Teacher pack: Receive this for FREE
1. Customised handouts for your students eg; on the history of belly dancing, benefits etc, checklist of belly dance movements
2. Dancing games cards /print outs
3. Hafla pack (how to set up a Hafla from scratch)
4. Customised advertising materials
5. Course playlist
6. Seal that you can use on your website & social media
**As an academy member you receive a discount to purchase your own Teacher tops as well as a discount to purchase our Belly Dance tops designs & hip scarves

Testing and certification

Written Exam:
Participants may optionally choose to take our written exams at the end of each semester (if you wish to receive your accreditation as a teacher *its mandatory). Also to create 10 lesson plans as part of your portfolio work.

Practical Exam:
Assessments will be taking place throughout our training, feedback will also be given to support each participant along the way.

Teacher from Scratch will be tested and assessed more often as detailed in the pathway info page. *Practice exam will take place at the end of each semester; participants will receive all the required information before hand to allow plenty of preparation time.

Home practice assessments:
Each weekend participants will be asked to focus on their home study, to learn and improve their teaching skills and dance development.

Practice teaching hours:
Aspiring teachers must commit to our ‘Practice makes Perfect teaching Project’ – 40 hours outside of the training (students feedback form to be filled in) (Teach a minimum of 20 hours at the Belly Dance Academy Belfast), and 20 hrs at any setting of your preference (assisting our beginners for at least 5 week term can be included in your 20 hrs – ideally you can use this opportunity as an extra teaching experience for your own class observation feedback form.

Video Assignment:
Each Aspiring teacher will work towards a Craft solo dance based upon your chosen dance style and to be performed at our graduating showcase (date TBC).
*All assignments- assessment must be completed within 90 days after the completion of your chosen training.

Participants who meet all requirements (training participation, homework completion, take part of our ‘Practice makes perfect project’ and passes our assignments be licensed to teach ‘Belly Dance Craft’ under the umbrella of our Belly Dance Academy Belfast will be awarded with our Certificate or Diploma.

Once Certified
Continuing education and Dance development programme

Once Certified all teacher’s details will appear on our website as Certified Belly Dance Teachers. Our Dance development programme will be ongoing with Sara, at the Belly Dance Academy. Teachers will be able to work together as a team and continue their study to maintain their high standard and practice under the guidance of Sara.
Membership is issued upon training enrolment and vouchers will be given to our certified teachers. In order to maintain your certification, teachers must complete at least 6 hours of continuing education every year. *CAT me member is coming obeyed for the first year!