Blessings on the Kundalini Path

*This is a powerful and beautiful testimonial from one of my lovely students; inspiring words!*

Sat Nam Sara

I feel very blessed to have Kundalini yoga in my life. Sometimes I forget to share. When I do share, I am amazed by what happens within me, and in those I share with. Here is my sharing for and with you…

I returned from two years of travelling in January 2015. I knew it was time to return to my country of birth again. I felt as though a space ship had left me on a planet I had never visited. I knew I wanted to heal myself and others in this life. I knew that yoga, meditation and praying would guide my way on this new ground.

The closest yoga teacher to my parents house was a Kundalini yoga teacher. In the suburbs of Dublin she had built a small yoga studio in her small urban garden. I had read about Kundalini energies. My mind was telling me “this won’t be anything special after attending yoga classes in exotic locations around the world”. My mind was wrong. It was so powerful!! I went home speechless…”what was that?”. I woke the next morning and my nervous system was still shaking and vibrating. I sat with it for the morning and allowed the cleansing to happen.

Despite this powerful experience, I was still searching…exploring shamanism, vipasanna meditation, dance etc. I went to an open evening for a training in Shamanism. During the evening we did a journey to meet our totem animal. I met a snake. After the session I sat reading about the snake energy. Written in the shamanism book it said…you should practice Kundalini yoga. I couldn’t believe it. I had never seen yoga mentioned in shamanism material before. I told the shaman I would not be doing the training…kundalini yoga was calling me.

I enrolled to attend a yoga teacher training over one year. The week before it started it got canceled. What was God telling me? Was kundalini yoga not for me? I went into these thoughts and feelings. I saw myself more as a “healer”, working with energies more than a yoga teacher. Could the role of a yoga teacher allow for me to live my purpose? Did I want to work with a group or more one to one or both?

I can see now, God was helping me by canceling the course. I was rushing into it. I need to live more of my questions first.

This was around the time I moved to Belfast. I felt God was guiding me to Belfast…I had no idea why but I knew there were gifts waiting for me. Was I moving to a city with no Kundalini yoga? And then I found you! You became a teacher for me. I see you as not only a teacher of kundalini yoga but also on how to be a woman today, how to embrace the feminine, how to live our dreams, how to be ourselves, as yoginis. Your presence has brought many gifts into my life and I feel very grateful.

For some time I was enjoying the classes and my practice was deepening. I was starting to collect white clothes.

I continued to practice meditation daily. I also follow the teachings of a German Man, Bruno Groning who healed many people during his time on earth and has now passed. I couldn’t practice Kundalini yoga. I felt frozen. I wanted it in my life. It felt like it wanted to be in my life but I didn’t know why? It was an intense mix of certainty and uncertainty that left me stuck. I would sit on my mat and think and pray and drink tea but I couldn’t find the will to move on the mat…

I felt disillusioned…perhaps this wasn’t the path for me after all…

I had already signed up for the first course of your kundalini express classes. I thought, I’ll go to the classes and hopefully this will all pass soon. The frozen feeling remained for some time. I would have these divine moments of certainty in your class where I felt a coming home, a bliss a certainty. Then I would have intense moments of doubt…why am I doing this, what if this is not my path.

It was then I decided to take break from Kundalini yoga. If I cut it out completely…would I miss it? Would it try to find me again? I hoped that if I went some time without it, I would remember why I wanted it in my life.

The year before I had asked both my mom and sister if they ever saw white leggings to buy them for me. It was a passing comment which I assumed they had long forgotten.

The day after I attended the last Kundalini express class and told you I would be taking a break from your classes for a while….i found a parcel in my letter box. It was from my Mother. Inside was a pair of white leggings.

I cried when I saw the leggings. It gave me the certainty I needed, I would be back on the mat one day. I just needed to be present with where I was.

I started a Sat Nam Rasayan training earlier this month. It is bringing so many enriching gifts. Sitting in the training I felt so sure I was exactly where I was meant to be. I feel ready to return to the mat now. I feel filled with certainty again. I feel more able to allow myself to enjoy the path. I am so excited for what is ahead.

We are so blessed to have you Sara. Belfast is so blessed to have you. It is a joy to watch you and Kundalini yoga blossom. As your light grows, the light in us students grow. And as we grow so do you. It’s so wonderful.

I particularly enjoy your sharings from the Brazilian cultures. They provide greater insights into the feminine for me.

Thank you for all you share with me.

I pray that Kundalini yoga continues to grow in Belfast.

(regular student)