Saturday Belly Dance Craft 4+ Dancers Training Feb

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Welcome to our Dance Development Course

This is our Upper Mixed Levels course, course entry is a minimum of 2 years of solid practice, to that have completed our L1, L1+ and L2  and have attended at least two Belly Dance from Scratch Intensives

After completing your beginners journey (L1 and L1+ and L2) and attending at least to a few Intensives you may join this class once you get your teachers feedback.

Bare in mind that in this course we invest on props, workshops and costumes. And We have covered topics such as more complex combinations, Saidi, Modern Belly Dance, Candle Dance, Tambourune Dance, Basics of Oriental and a Fusion Choreography.

This is a new step further on your BellyDance Path, especially if you wish to pursue the Belly dance teacher pathway. This course is our Upper Intermediate and you need at least 6 months of solid BellyDance prior to joining this course.

You will learn a Veil Choreography, Drum Solo basics, fusion combos and more complex movements and drillsas course moves on, for now we will focus on the Vintage Belly Dance

More history of BellyDance and new styles are also covered within this course




Welcome to our Belly Dance Craft L4+ – Dance Training

This course is exclude for Dancers that want to become either Belly Dancers or Belly Dance Teachers. We work hard on technique as well as on choreography work. Every class is a step forwards towards your dance training.

Fun and joy comes from the passion and commitment of belly dancing, it’s a result of your sisterhood connection and group practice not the motive to start training.

Requirements: minimum of 2 years Belly dancing with us and to have attended at least two Belly Dance From Scratch Intensives (Get in touch before signing up).

Course details

Bi- Montlhy Class

Saturday 11-1.30pm

(Tribe 1.30-2.30pm)

2.5 hrs class on 15th of Dec

Early bird £20/£25 regular fee

Or pay your regular pass

Early bird ends on the 24th of December & Enrolments closes on the 31st of December

Teacher: Sara Sarinha

To find more out about this course get in touch via email –

Minimum requirement:

To have done at least 6 months of Belly Dancing L1

To have attended at least one Belly Dance from Scratch Intensive

Course fee is no refundable

Dance development course with Sara, will continue to explore new styles, new material and new ways of learning a Belly Dance. Get ready to shake all the stress off, have a laugh and lots of fun and learn lots while belly dancing in a safe, welcoming, friendly environment 🌸🌸🌸

Location: Shakti Wellness Studio @ The Belfast Boat Club  – 12 Lockview road

Booking details: Once you signed up for this course, your name will be taken and your place will be saved. PayPal payment must go through in order for us to save your place! One the first course Day, you will register your details with us.
Please note:
**Fees are non-refundable / non transferable. Course is total fee per person.