Saturday – Group/Soloist Performance Course- 6 weeks – Committed Dancers

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Welcome to our new course! This isn’t a beginner course, you must have gone through technique assessment and have a good belly dancing experience before you join this course.

In class we will explore pathways of technique, choreography, props and video study. The main focus of this course is to help you develop as a performer but also to have you as part of our performance group. You need to commit to at least 1 gig every two months, and be involved in any event organisation to support the group development and academy fundraisers.

Being part of Shakti tribe requires passion and commitment. Devotion to the practice, ongoing training but also to our belly dancing community.

Requirements: minimum of 6 months Belly dancing with us and to have attended at least two Belly Dance From Scratch Intensives. You must go through our essentials video courses: 1. All in one, Arms and hands, Hips and more, Transitions and Shimmies. A video of yourself dancing and sent to us for assessment (1 min video). Get in touch before signing up to see if you are eligible for this course.

Course details:

Saturday 12.15-1.15pm

*If you wish to attend both of Sara’s course, book the Flower pass

Teacher: Sara Sarinha

To find more out about this course get in touch via email –

Dance development course with Sara, will continue to explore new styles, new material and new ways of learning a Belly Dance. Get ready to shake all the stress off, have a laugh and lots of fun and learn lots while belly dancing in a safe, welcoming, friendly environment 🌸🌸🌸

Location: Shakti Wellness Studio @ The Belfast Boat Club  – 12 Lockview road

Booking details: Once you signed up for this course, your name will be taken and your place will be saved. PayPal payment must go through in order for us to save your place! One the first course Day, you will register your details with us.
Please note:
**Fees are non-refundable / non transferable. Course is total fee per person.