Journaling as a Spiritual practice!

July 12, 2017

Journalling as a Spiritual Practice!

People often think that having a journal/a dairy is something only for teenagers; but they a kind of wrong. There is no such an age limit for this amazing spiritual practice. Interesting is that many spiritual teachers would actually recommend people to empty their minds after a meditation, a sadhana (spiritual practice), a visualisation … and write ALL down!

They know the power of the word and of materialising your intentions!

Not politely or over thinking but literally putting all the words down as a way of clearing the mental pathways but also as a way of bringing more clarity to the mind and to let all the emotions to move through.

Have you ever journaled before? If the answer is no, please give it a try. If you have, then keep up!  Start by consciously giving your time to buying a journal that resonates with you, then choose lovely pens that you can play a bit while you are letting the words flow. Sometimes the message will come through images and it’s completely fine, let that creative self manifest. Drawing, painting … everything is welcome in this journaling process.


One thing to always have in mind is that the result of your writing doesn’t really matter, neither how your writing is looking that day or even how much you write! What matters is taking time to share some words with your journal, to let the subconscious mind be cleaned out and to welcome something new to your life.

It’s like having a full cup with tea or coffee, if it’s full there is no space for anything new right? Same with the mind that gets too busy with yesterday, tomorrow, work, plans, this or that. Writing can be a great healing tool for self love through letting go of the old baggage as well as a tool for self reflection. Always start from a non judgemental place and see what happens!

Please share are your experience as it would be lovely to hear from you! May Art be your healing tool today!!! Only the present really matters so today is the best day to start something new!