Welcome to the Mother Blessing Ceremony

“How to shift from the Baby Shower Paradigm into the HONORING MOTHERS Paradigm?”

Becoming a mother is a transformation not only physically, but spiritually. Archetypically, it is the evolution from Maiden to Mother, from the intoxicating fires of the flower to the luscious, ripe maturity of the fruit.

A mother blessing is more than a baby shower because the focus is purely on the mother and her transition from one life stage to another. A mother blessing is a gathering of friends and loved ones to honor this life change with reverence.

The journey to motherhood may be a time of mixed feelings, physical changes, new perspectives and dreams. And it can be different with each pregnancy.

A person is born again as mother, renewed, each time she gives birth.

Join me for a reverent celebration of becoming mother. I will prepare your Mother Blessing and organise all the details for you, from inviting your close friends to attend your ceremony, offer henna tattoo, healthy nibbles suggestions, and pampering you and your friends with Sacred celebrations from cocooning ceremony to Making blessed birth power bundles. I will be honour to share with you a day of loving and blessing time.

For more information on details, please contact Sara at satnambelfast@gmail.com

mother blessing 2

mother blessing