Movement Diet by Sara

*Movement diet by Sara McDonald

What is movement diet?

It’s a my new approach to movement, that is designed to support the body to find health through primal exercises and to find body alignment through conscious movement.

Movement health matters when it comes to the understanding that we are also how we move not only how we eat or how we think.

Observing and studying people’s body in different ways, in public, in class and during a massage session I became curious about body alignment and how it all plays a huge role to ones health but also to ones sense of wellbeing.

By looking at someone’s posture it’s possible to sense a lot about their way of being, their physical embodiment – it’s as if I’m reading a life through her physical expressions and gentle montion.

Emotions often get stuck in the body; the body being mainly made by water offers as a result the connection between the effect of water in life and the understand of how water reacts to words/emotions. So many studies have being done about that!


It then makes me think how much our body retains memory – water retains memory. Water in the body is also seeing as lymph. One of our major physical congestion in today’s society, comes from a stagnant lymphatic system, another reason why moment is so good for our health & wellbeing alongside with a nutritious diet. Therefore the idea behind Movement diet comes out of my inner necessity/ desire to help people building up their body awareness, release their traumatic baggage through movement and healthy living; building up new memories by consolidating a new way of being in the body.

Valuable diet matters in all ways, when we desire to have a true sense of Wellness but also a symptom free life, which allows health to truly exist. Any physical activity will mirror back the effect of our food diet – if we eat healthy/nutritious food, our body will no doubt show it by increasing our level of flexibility, balance, endurance and vitality and will be very different from someone that lives off a refined / nutrient deplete diet. It’s all interconnected.

*Our bodies will always show us what to do next when we are attuned enough to hear the signs; the issue that more likely the mind will get on our way, making us fall for what is more confortable and comforting  instead of what is healthier for our bodies and mind.

Following up a basic level of Movement diet, is trying to see how often we sit but also how detrimental is sitting for the human body. Don’t sit on a chair all the time, instead squat more or stand/stretch more often Help the body move the stagnant lymph as it’s super easy to get congested. Detox starts in the mind!

One simple tip for movement diet is starting a Movement detox, which means a cleanse through body awareness/conscious-primal movement; my first tip is reassuring that you need to sit less! Sitting is very unnatural to our health in so many ways, our bodies aren’t designed to tuck our pelvis in and sit down for hours, therefore modern society isn’t designed for a health human being. Sit less & move more!

Lots to think about, right? ! How do you sit? How much and how often? how do you walk? How to you move? Can you squat? How many squats you do daily?

That’s me for now, wishing you a happy contemplation on what does your way of moving says about your way of being/living!

By Sara McDonald