Movement is Important

The benefits of dancing, stretching, exercising in general goes beyond the physical benefits; it is of course as great way of improving health in our cardiovascular system, but also in our reproductive system, lymphatic system, nervous system and so on …

Moving  definitely prevents and treats osteoporosis, supports a health pelvic muscle floor, improves balance, coordination, heal us maintaining a sense of wellbeing as it raises endorphin levels and of course we get boosted with Oxytocin, the love hormone. Raised endorphin levels and producing extra oxytocin help people who battle depression, anxiety, panic attack or those who experience high stress levels by giving them a new sense of security, belonging, peace and even self- love.

Traditional forms of exercise can often make people look bulky;  in contrast, if a person studies a form of dance like ballet, belly dance or even Yoga and Pilates… it can help them develop and improve the quality of a healthy spine – our aging is also related to our spine. Our posture often shows who we are, if we are shy, strong, self- confident and even if you are insecure … a healthy spine doesn’t only helps to improve our self- image, but also it gives extra support to our digestive and elimination system…

Often when a person is self- absorbed and truly engaging in some sort of exercise, she automatically forgets about problems at home or in the work, it can free our minds!!!

Conscious movement can provide the same benefits of traditional exercises, and allow people to learn something new as they pursue a healthier body – mind – soul. Watch out how it makes you feel, as we cant never generalise the benefit of something to everyone – women wouldn’t benefit from a class like zumba or running, but men would- a man wouldn’t benefit as much from a Bellydance class as a woman would and so on …

Get that body moving! You may fall in love with dance, or Yoga or Pilates…keep scanning your emotions before an afterwards and your gut feeling will guide you to the best form of exercise for you!!!


Sara McDonald

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