My Inner Sanctuary!

What is your inner sanctuary? How do you keep your inner space?

My inner sanctuary is built under my intentions of living a healthy and balanced life style! I create my daily, weekly and monthly intentions and I connect with them in order to support their manifestation.

There are different ways of taking care of our inner sanctuary!

Firstly remind yourself what is your inner sanctuary? It can be your Heart – your Body – your Mind!

*Ways of taking care of  our Heart –  Simple routines are:

  1. Meditation/ Relaxation/Centrering
  2. Creating ceremonies to connect with your feelings and emotions
  3. Check in with our your dealing with your emotions
  4. Ask yourself “Am I happy today?” – if not, enquire “Why am I not happy today?”

*Ways of taking care of  our Body –  Simple routines are:

  1. Start your day routine by drinking a glass of warm water with empty stomach (you may want to brush your teeth prior to this practice so you don’t flush back inside all the toxins from your mouth)
  2. Try to not drink coffee with empty stomach
  3. Check out for “red flags” when it comes to congestion in the body
  4. Think of ways of eating a balanced diet of organic food
  5. Try to go to bed early so you support your body to balance your hormones

*Ways of taking care of  our Mind –  Simple routines are:

  1. Meditate – Gaze- Centre yourself every day (or pray if you prefer!)
  2. Think always of things that make you feel expanded, happy, loved and support
  3. Observe when negative thoughts come up – are they yours or are you absorbing them from other people around you?
  4. What are your dreams and how do you feel when you think of them? Motivated or frustrated?
  5. Self- enquiry is always a great tool for healing the mind

I hope you enjoy those simple practice and if you feel like sharing yours, I will be happy to hear more about them!