Connecting Ancient wisdom to suit Modern Women!

Empowering women to be Healthy, Blissful and Conscious during Pregnancy and Birth.

Primal Mamma offers Diet plan designed for each semester of your pregnancy. You can purchase them together as a pack pregnancy diet plan or separately. You can book a one-one Primal Birth Preparation. Pregnancy Massage is offered as part of Primal Mamma Care as well as Reiki and private Relaxation or Meditation session.
Fertility diet

In Primal Mamma you may book your Pregnancy Yoga Class, Postnatal Exercise Class and many others postnatal treatments, such as:
*Closing the bones ceremony & Cave Medicine
*Pregnancy Massage
*Relaxation for pregnancy
*Postnatal Abdominal Massage
*Exercise Plan
*Slimming Diet Plan




Birth Journey
Birth journey is the baby Journey, and it’s delivered to you through holistic treatments that involves the baby’s pathway to life.

Sara is specialised in Women’s Health. She works as a Birth Keeper, Childbirth education, Pregnancy Yoga teacher, Dancing for Birth Instructor, Baby Massage Practitioner; she deliver courses for parents as well as class for mums, birth educators, midwives, and doulas.

Birth Journey offers:
*Baby Massage (one-one session /parent class / group class)
*Baby Blessing ceremony
*Guidance for the 40days self-care after delivery – 40 days Cocoon Period

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Classes & Services

Primal Birth Preparation – Be empowered to make informed birth choices!

This childbirth education programme was designed to support women to prepare their bodies and mind for a blissful and empowering labour and birth. Sara’s work is to support women to go beyond their fears and traumas of childbirth. Learning comforting measures to ease discomforts that may rise during labour and practicing new ways of going beyond their overall ideas of birth. Together we will explore all your birth options, learn about the stages of labour, birth plan & choices, learn about active birth, breathing techniques, birthing visualisation and relaxation practices … all that you need to help you building up confidence and belief on yourself to have the most blissful and beautiful birth experience.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga class aims to offer a nurturing, welcoming and support space for you during this special time of your life! We provide a safe place for mums to be to release stress, fears, and concerns about their pregnancy. Using a holistic approach to Yoga technology, active birth technique and other comfort measures that can be used during labour as well.

Fit 4 Labour – Exercise your mind and body while getting prepared and fit 2 deliver your baby the way you want!

This class is a mix of restorative exercises, yoga, gentle fitness, exercises that work to help with pregnancy back & hip pain and tension. The class is designed to keep your body and mind balanced and prepared for the Birth of your dreams!

Postnatal Exercise (baby on sling welcome)

Shape it back is a class designed for new mums that want to give some time to herself to get back into pre- pregnancy shape; Its designed for those wishing a quicker recovery and those seeking some kind of comfort that is related to postnatal period such as all sorts of aches, pains, conditions and complaints. Take some time to look after yourself and feel healthy and fit while nursing or re starting a new life!

Baby Massage Class

According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine to massage a baby is considered to provide many physical and emotional benefits to the growing child and as well as supporting bonding time between mum & baby (dad too). In class you will learn how to massage your baby, ways to offer relief when baby is suffering from lack of sleep, colic, teething and so on.

Postpartum Care Services

Through Primal Mamma you may receive support that will ensure you that you are looking after yourself after birth. Services are:

  • Restore Womb Healing
  • Mizan Therapy
  • Mum Recovery Programme ( involves 6 week  home care – healthy food delivery, womb massage, belly binding, learn baby massage, pelvic floor muscle support, diet & life style tips, and if wanted rites of passages/ ceremonies).
  • Maternity detox (womb steam – herbal healing oil – postnatal recovery tea – breastfeeding tea & oil)
  • and Traditional ceremonies – Cocoon healing, closing the bones …