Primal Woman Coaching Programme

This programme is for women seeking a life changing transformation; a path that can lead them back to themselves. A way of returning into their own essence no matter how beautiful, easy, challenging, tough it may be – if you are up for something that will help you feeling alive and aligned again, this programme might be for you.

The programme involves 8 phases – pathways:

The Path of Primal Woman

  1. Initiation
  2. Realisation
  3. Hibernation
  4. Relaxation
  5. Vibration
  6. Recognition
  7. Integration
  8. Rebirth

I will follow you up for the duration of the programme, the programme will unfold itself to both of us. Some clients will want to meet up on a weekly basis, others more often and others may need more time to go over every phase – there is no time frame, the time will be your natural rhythm of flow.

In order to receive a more effective result from the programme, you will aim to see me at least once a month; The programme involves practices to be done at home,  and email follow up support is also offered. You may request more coaching sessions throughout that month, it may be via Skype or at Shakti.

For more information, please reach me via email –

I am a primal woman a keep up.