Primal Woman was born out of inner desire to help women to find balance, radiance and empowerment that will serve them in so many ways in life.

After many years looking after women through consultations, sessions and movement classes I put together new ways of support, 1-1 one off consultations, regular coaching as well as 1-1 programme.

For the consultation, you can book an appointment; we will progress towards the best treatment for you or you may already know what you are looking for, which can be a Relaxation session with aromatherapy, Reiki or Abdominal Massage, A fertility treatment, a V-Steam, Life coaching or a Diet plan, and so on. Or you may present your complaints/symptoms/concerns and by finding your imbalances I will recommend a suitable treatment for you.

  • 1-1 Coaching, means that I can either follow you up through my Women’s Wellbeing Coaching, which focus on your physical, mental and emotional body through sessions like massages, relaxation consultations; if there is anything that is concerning you about your life, we can debrief your moment and I may recommend books, exercises, techniques to be used at home for an overall support. Or you can opt for the Life coaching, which covers different aspects related to your life as a whole, we get to build a trust relationship by meeting up on a regular basis and a new path of healing will unfold to you. My life coaching is based on the Marriage of Spirit teachings. My last coaching option is the Holistic Coaching. Through this option, we will cover every single part of your “being” that way be creating some kind of imbalance in your life, we get to dive into your physical, emotional, mental health as well as creating a connection with your Spiritual life. Different techniques are used in this coaching. *A confidentiality agreement is signed prior to starting any coaching programme.*

The consultation can be as regular as you need, depending on your situation we may see each other twice a week, once a week, every two weeks, and so on…


Some of the issues we can cover during the coaching (depending on the ones you choose):

  • Womb imbalances: PMS – PCOs – Endometriosis – Fibroids –
  • Detox – Diet & Life style changes – Weight Loss Support
  • Stress – Relaxation & Meditation Programmes – Self-Esteem issues
  • Healing Traumas / Loss / Miscarriage / Stillbirth
  • Debriefing a hard time in life
  • Healing the inner child
  • Mother / Father Wounds
  • Beyond Duality techniques
  • Postnatal Depression
  • Unhealthy habits support / addiction support
  • Parental Imprint
  • Switching to a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet
  • Sacred Relationships
  • Healing Abuse and so on

Some of the consultations may involve:

*Abdominal Massage (Mizan Therapy)


*Aromatherapy support

*Processing Technique



*Mother’s Blessing / Women’s Blessing

*Kundalini Yoga (therapeutic use)

*Natural Body Wrap Treatment

*Exercise Plan

*Diet & Life style plan (helps supporting you to keep fit or to lose weight healthy)

*Detox Programme and so on