Amandine Dantin

Yoga Teacher
Amandine Dantin

While growing up on a tiny village in the South West of France, I first got initiated to yoga by my oldest brother who taught me my first lotus posture at the age of 8!

It is only later in life that I entered for the first time a yoga class as I was looking for ways to balance a very busy corporate life and complement my practise of meditation and chanting.

During my travels around Asia and South America I reconnected with ancient indigenous traditions and lived in immersion with yogic communities. Those transformative experiences took my practise and understanding of Yoga as a spiritual practise to the next level.
The desire of deepening my practise and walk the yogic path grew deeper in me..

I hope to offer you a practise that encourages self-discovery, deepen awareness and authenticity. My classes are infused with breath-led movements, creative expressions , dynamic poses as well as pranayama techniques and meditation.

I have a special interest in energy work and am offering chakra-themed classes that seek to help you connect and harmonise with the energy centres of your body.
A bientot on the mat! – Amandine

Saturdays @ 10.30-11.30am

Drop in price of £8. Special price of £42 if you book the 6 classes.
Introductory offer of £6 for the first class

To book/reserve a class please email me :