Anna Harkness

Restorative Yoga Teacher
Anna Harkness

This quote sums up perfectly what yoga means to me.  I started attending Yoga classes in my mid-twenties in the pursuit of flexibility and strength for my body.  Yoga began to seep into my life as the effects of the Asana (postures) not only began to give my body the strength and flexibility I was trying to attain but also my mind.  The sense of peace that the fluid movement of body, mind & breath brought was addictive and leaving the studio ‘Yoga Drunk’ was a sensation that I craved to learn more about.

I enrolled in the Teacher Training programme at Santosha Yoga Studio in Spring 2017 to deepen my understanding of the seeming contradictions of Yoga, how it had the capacity to soothe yet energise and strengthen yet soften the mind & body.

I learnt that Yoga has the capacity to bring balance to your mind & body by creating dual qualities of Sthira (steadiness) and Sukha (ease).  Patanjali in yoga sutra explains that once the balance between opposites is achieved ‘thereafter one is undisturbed by the dualities.’

Following my graduation from Santosha Yoga Studio I attended the Yoga Campus in Manchester and completed:

Yoga for ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – 15 hours; and

Relax & Restore – Restorative Yoga Immersion – 30 hours

I am passionate that this sense of balance can be achieved by everyone bringing peace to the body and mind despite age, flexibility or physical ability.

My classes at Shakti:

Tuesday 7-8am

Tuesday 8.45-10pm