Asha Jacob

Asha Jacob


                                    When you do Yoga once a week, it changes your Mind.

                                    When you do Yoga twice a week, it changes your Body.

                                    When you do Yoga every day, it changes your Life.

Every posture will be described and explained throughout the Practice with clear instructions and will be done in stages, so that every student can reach her full potential. Do join me and many others in this beautiful Flow class. Rejoice and connect to your Inner Presence and feel you have arrived Home.

Asha’s class at Shakti:

Tuesday 1.30-2.45pm

For any further information, please contact me on:

07840931228 or

*More about Asha’s year class planning:

TERM 1: (February, March)

                                                              WISDOM OF YOGA

This will be a practice concentrating on ancient yogic wisdom through the Yoga Sutras. How do we find peace and calm within us despite external distractions and unwanted thoughts? Through our physical asana practice and meditation done with mindfulness, we will learn to connect to our Inner Presence, and through that, to our Inner Wisdom.

TERM 2: (April, May, June)

                                                                   BEAUTY OF YOGA

 Through our practice, we will learn the importance of breath, alignment and movement and bring harmony within our minds and bodies. It will be like a dance of breath and movement, allowing your body to Flow naturally in its own rhythm. 

TERM 3: (July, August, September)

                                                                POWER OF YOGA

As we enter into warmer times, we will practice asanas that you are already familiar with by now, with increased focus on stretching and holding, noticing that with steady practice, you will find inner strength and power to reach your full potential. 

TERM 4: (October, November, December)

                                                                WISDOM OF YOGA

In this Vinyasa Flow theme, we return to where we started, but we will not be the same! For every person, yoga is a personal experience and you will know by now how to integrate all your learning in this Holistic and Gentle Practice, where you can connect to yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

NOTE:  These classes can be taken as standalone classes. This notice is a suggestion on how you can get the maximum benefits from Yoga for your mind and body if done regularly.