Jackie Sharkey

Yoga Teacher
Jackie Sharkey


I first stepped onto a yoga mat in my 30’s whilst living on the beautiful Island of Jersey.

Over the years I have been fortunate to have had some wonderful teachers grace my life and set my embers of enthusiasm alight. I’ve been inspired by alignment and flow; strength and ease; meditation and healing.

Nature and all Her rhythms and seasons, inspires me daily with Her beauty and simplicity. I feel strongly that to align with nature is to connect with life and awaken self-enquiry.

Now in my 50th year, I find myself on the teachers path, but forever, the enquiring student. My wish is to share the love and joy of movement and stillness in yoga and to ignite interest and self-enquiry, with willing kindness, just as my teachers have done for me.

The rhythm of my class may vary, just like the seasons; sometimes with flowing sequences, other times with held postures, but always with light-heartedness and fun as our breath guides us together, to a place of relaxation and stillness. Yoga is for everyone and in everyone; we all carry our own yoga