Mary Renfrew

Kundalini yoga teacher
Mary Renfrew

I was never a yoga or spiritual person until Kundalini Yoga found me and my life keep moving upwards in every aspect ever since. I am happier, healthier and I look at life in a more holistic way, and I have Kundalini and myself to thank. I decided to do the Teacher Training Course to learn more about it and now I want nothing more that to share this amazing technology with anyone  who dare go into the rabbit hole and Experience Kundalini Yoga.

About the class

It is a hour long class that includes warm ups, a Kriya for a specific purpose like for example: Adjusting our navel point or to bring more sun energy into our life, then a deep relaxation follow by a short meditation. My main objective is to hold the space so my students can experience whatever they need at that particular moment.

Times are changing, we are moving to a new Era so we most bend so we don’t break, we need more open hearts and compassion to face our current challenges and do so with grace and love for ourselves and others.