Sara McDonald

Sara works as Women’s Wellness Coach, Plant Based Nutrition Coach, Pregnancy and Kundalini Yoga Teacher as well as a Belly Dance Teacher. Her work integrates the connection between natural/conscious movement and natural health.

She was introduced to the path of natural healing, meditation and yogic teachings as a child, and was blessed to be able to cultivate her self development path throughout the years. Her interest in natural health began when she couldn’t find anymore answers to help her body healing from symptoms that was getting very uncomfortable to live with, from adult acne to major digestive issues to difficulty to conceive.

She was introduced to the work of Andreas Moritz through her husband Terry. She began doing monthly cleanses under Terry’s guidance, and saw a dramatic change in her overall health; despite begging vegetarian for many years, it was only when she started detoxing her body that she saw health improvements. Her fascination for natural health led to further studies.
She has done diverse holistic courses in the past years: Vegan and Vegetarian Nutritional therapy, Aromatherapy for pregnancy and labour, Childbirth education, Spinning babies, as well as Sacred pregnancy/Sacred dance birth/ Sacred Baby Ceremony & Mothers Blessing, Spinning babies, Raqs flow and Dancing for Birth.

Sara is a Reiki Master since 2010, a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator, with her foundational studies in Physical Science and Intercultural Studies; She is a qualified Mizan Abdominal Therapy Practitioner (womb healing) and Natural Fertility Coach.

Today Sara devotes her life to support women to live in alignment with themselves, as she believes that a Healthy, Fulfilled, Vibrant and Joyful life is our birth right. Her work is based on empowerment, self- love and care for our planet and ourselves.

Sara is the owner of Shakti Wellness Studio based in Belfast, home of the Kundalini Yoga Sanctuary/ Sangha and Belly Dance Academy. On a regular basis Sara deliver workshops, courses and mini retreats for women that seek inner vitality, bliss and joy!

She is the facilitator of the Inner Sisterhood Women’s circle and host of Belfast HomeBirth Meet Up and Rebirthing Breathwork Training.

Apart from booking Sara’s regular Pregnancy & Kundalini & Belly Dance classes/workshops, you can also book an Wellness appointment with Sara directly. Check out Wellness consultation page for more information.