Regaining feminine power!

Regaining feminine power! 

Everyday we come across women complaining about their health, some start sharing about their migraine experience, others about their moon cycle and how it’s painful or uncomfortable; others share even more serious health issues such as how they have to cope with endometriosis or fibroids or all the names that medical doctors have given to conditions that come from the same root: The body is imbalanced! The womb is crying out for help!

How does nature work? We need to have balance first  in order to have nature sharing her beauty and fruits with us. If she is imbalanced, then she won’t be able to share anything fruitful gift with us, we often see that the amount of women suffering with infertility, with discomfort  during menopause  among other issues, have just increased.

The human body, works on ‘action = reaction’ disputes our lack of understanding and trust about its natural law. But that is how nature works. We overlook or avoid something, sooner or later it will come back to us to show us where to look at or will try giving us more opportunities for us to self-heal but often we are blind and we rather ignore the signs. As a result, the body falls sick.

Nature never tries to kill itself, she is always trying to seek balance, what’ve happens that we can’t see it?

Lin plane words, we live I need a world that is mainly constructed by people who controls us in so many ways … they have made us afraid of our own body, of nature, of our instincts. So now when something if off balance we no longer know what to do! We seek an external authority to tell us what we should do to treat our broken state of wellbeing.

Once upon a time, women used to gather by the river to wash clothes, we used to gather to tell stories to one another, to sew and cook, to play and dance … those times are gone. WE barely have time for self love within our own home! Our bodies are falling a part because we no longer have the pride and appreciation for self – care. Our womb is no longer that sacred space that once was revered! It’s just something that holds s baby …

In fact, a good sign to show how disconnected we are as women is thinking: how many time do I touch my womb with loving thoughts? (Daily, twice a day, weeekly?), how many time she do we actually look to the moon and offer a prayer or just offer our love to her? Or even how often are we aware that our moon time is coming? Those signs are so good to give us a shake, a wake up call to observe that once life will pass and that we just have time to regret about the small things we stopped nurture because the Mother Moon / Womb needs nurture in order to find balance!

How can women find balance for their womb health when they don’t even appreciate their womb space? Women first need to understand that pain is a natural response from the body to signal that something isn’t right and needs attention. Then women need to start embracing their body, they need to change their approach towards their own body, the way the see themselves, the language they talk about themselves and start seeking balance by addressing the root causes.


Altogether willl feel more complete than only addressing the symptoms which will only give them a temporary fix, like a band-aid but it won’t give the full feeling of balance, of joy, of health. This may apply in the mind, emotions and quite likely in the physical.

What about start looking into what you eat that aggravate your discomfort, and maybe start journaling about your emotions towards yourself? and maybe start observing how negative your thoughts are when you think or talk about yourself … small details can be the beginning of a dramatic change. A warm cup of tea during your moon time or maybe a healing oil to use during your shower?

Taking interest to change is already a big step! A huge leap towards a more healthy way of dealing with any imbalance I suggest starting to accept that healing begins with the recognition that we need change;, we then accept that there is something not right with our bodies/mind/emotions and that needs to be addressed – nothing from the outside can actually fully change.  Change needs to be from inside out!

We as women need to open up to that feminine self that knows how to weave healing powers and that celebrate life in all it’s forms! Honour nature – we are her daughters! We are the carers… As within so without!

Nothing is impossible … we first need to believe it! 🌸🌸🌸🌸