Ritualistic & Sacred Belly Dance with Sara – Belfast

Ritualistic Belly Dance is an integration of Traditional Belly Dance with rituals, stretching and workouts.  It aims to promote better Self Esteem and a state of Calm and Clear mind. It helps to improve Coordination, Focus and Balance raising Body Awareness.  It also helps to lose weight and to Be Fit!

Ritualistic Belly Dance enables women to harness their inner power of femininity and bring into the world.

I read an article that explains exactly what I feel about Belly Dance: “Belly Dance is Not a dance of seduction for the glare of a male audience, but a female communion with the Mother Goddess – it is the true nature of Belly Dance”.

Anyway I want to share with you the basic principles of Belly Dancing, an art form that burn fat and condition your buns, abs, hips, thighs and arms – you entire body is integrated. 

Ritualistic Belly Dance works from seeing a woman as a whole – an entire being of beauty that is manifested in a physical body. In my classes I integrate the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical aspects of life; there is no separation for me when I see my students dancing as I trust that everyone carries inside a seed to flower and through Belly Dancing a woman flowers by feeling more feminine and happy with herself.

There is a sacredness inside in each of us that is very often suppressed by modern society and as it is hidden we need to put more effort to allow this snake energy to flow upwards through our spine and to free us to be who We Truly Are – SACRED WOMEN!

My work with Sacred Belly Dance, connects with the forces that lies within every woman and its natural way of moving! Of course, due to the origins of this dance form its vital to respect the work put behind with regards to technique, but flowing through movements and learning a new way of expressing ourselves through dance is magical – is empowering – and is feminine sacredness in itself!


Sara McDonald

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