Sacredness in Womanhood

Every woman has a different energy within herself, but we have the same power to give birth, to rebirth and to transform ourselves. A Divine capacity to carry a baby in the body for nine months, this event is a miracle! It’s a manifestation of the flow of life, of love and acceptance!

When a woman expresses her sacredness in life, she connects with the Cosmos and Mother Earth. She allows her energy to flow though her body that carry a seed which can blossom in many ways …. Women have neglected their inner quality of being feminine and of accepting their own beauty as they are, maybe for the pressure created by modernity, who knows?We often see women dressing like men, talking like them and also thinking and behaving like men. The feminine touch is gone….is as if a flower becomes a cactus and that soft, kind, gentle beauty no longer exists …

How can we allow ourselves to reach that level of disconnection that we no longer engage with ourselves with sacredness and honouring anymore? We had become the barbies of modern societies, everything is about how we look to the outside eyes but not how we feel and who we truly are…lots of things are up side down….but is it possible to be if we don’t allow to? What is our contribution in all this? nobody and nothing to blame, just a lot to self- enquire & witness.

The point  I want to share here, is that all women have the capacity to hear this song of the gentle wind with closed eyes and immerse themselves into it.  The movement of inner flow will guide them into a place where there is no right or wrong, there is only essence! That essence that make us feel complete and whole.

Do you feel whole?

Try it! You may start by observing your thoughts and action, then enquire …

moon time

how that make you feel (truly inside) and witness the need behind this programme that we accepted to live …which roles are you playing? why and for what? … Dive into this mystery and allow yourself to find inner light once again or maintain what it in there if you have already found it …

Go to a quiet place, light some candles and close your eyes, allow yourself to feel a lovely song and Dance or simply move! Manifest  your divinity and the beauty that you have inside, go beyond criticism or judgment about beauty, shapes, achievements and so on…Stop all and let yourself BE!!!



By Sara McDonald







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