Sara’s Belly Dance Design (homemade & recycled costumes)

Have you ever dreamt about your Belly Dance Costume?

bellydance clothes UKTo finding the perfect costume for what you are looking for can be difficult. Costumes work as part of the expression of the dancer and the dancer needs to feel that the costumes is also transmitting the right energy to the audience. When you love the costume you are wearing, not only will you captivate your audience, but you will feel like an authentic star!

In this busy time that we live, to make your own costume can take a lot of your time, to buy one online it’s not always easy as most belly dance costumes that are available online may not be the design that you like, may not the the one that you fall in love for, maybe too expensive or even may not have a great quality.

I learnt to make Belly Dance Costumes back when I was living in Brazil;I was taught by amazing local professionals. Few years later I started to sell and create my own costumes.

Prices for costumes can vary from high end costumes to less expensive ones. I sell Belly Dance Costumes depending on each person’s requirement and choice – YOU PICK YOUR DESIGN!!!

If you would like a costume that is full of butterflies and colourful – I will work on that for and with you!

I will try my best to fulfill your dreams! Your dream costume is NOW possible!!!

It is up to the client to chose the colour, fabric  the design and the decorations. It is a new way of making Belly Dance Costumes. If you live close to me (Belfast), we can buy the embellishments together , so you can add your energy on the make up of you costume!
My costumes are made with love and integration between my work and the client’s satisfaction and participation!!!! (If you can’t afford to have the entire costume, I can make only your bra, or hip scarf or belt).

I will be posting new costumes pics in this page very soon!

This blue butterfly bra its not fully finished – I will post it the high end work very soon!!!! More is to come!