Testimonials are always special to my heart!

July 12, 2017

Yesterday I received this beautiful testimonial, ‘cheesy’ as she says but I thought that it was just special!

This person that I’m keeping private has been of great help since I had my baby girl; she has also become a good friend, like a wee sister. I have none so it’s just great!

Here her lovely words:

‘I first went to Sara’s classes when I was home for the summer in 2013. I was very glad to see she continued her classes over the summer as two months without Belly Dance would have been too much! Then after a few more years living abroad I decided to come home. The first thing I did was contact her to see if she was still in Belfast and she was! I started going to her classes last January attending all the levels that I could. I loved combining the beginners classes with the intermediate class as it meant I could continue to improve my basic moves, fitness and learn new moves and styles too.


Going to Sara’s classes is so much more than following a few moves and going home. As well as drilling technique and explaining the movements really well and encouraging home practice, she teaches about the history of different styles of Belly Dance, puts on regular workshops and is always willing to get feedback on what we are finding difficult and help us with that. She goes above and beyond to answer our questions between classes through our WhatsApp and Facebook groups which really shows how passionate she is about what she teaches and how keen she is to see us grow. She encourages us to be ourselves by creating a welcoming and open minded environment. As well as being a student, I feel like part of a sisterhood by attending her classes and performing at different events as it is a time when we all come together during our busy weeks to have fun, de-stress, learn, celebrate each other and lift each other up. I am extremely grateful for her classes and all the people that I have met through them’

Thanks again for this beautiful sharing!