Wellness Coaching with Sara McDonald

My approach to Wellness coaching brings the understanding of how the flow of life often works through the physical body and its relationship with the “wholeness” of who we are. Our physical body is easily affected by our emotion and mental state as well as from our spiritual approach to life. Living the concept of Wellness means living a journey of integration, where we learn how to “scan” our feelings, thoughts, actions, desires, dreams as an way of guiding us to meet up with our blockages and our limitations.

Our scanning process can support my  framework of Primal transformation, which dives deeply into our human imprint and supports with clearing inner shadow – old patterns – shift an old paradigm & the feeling of “self- sabotage”; it includes the development, and adjustment and maturation towards reaching our Optimum wellbeing. The Primal transformation programme that I developed is divided in different topics, you can choose a particular topic to work on or you can choose working on all topics, to reach a more complete understanding and developing a readiness towards your goal.

The programme works with you! You can choose to meet me on a weekly basis for a consultation, twice a week, or once a month. The material that we will work is a flowing progress, and together we work from starting point and we will build up into what you need at the time. In fact although there is a “protocol” or “programme” involved I will always maintain my holistic view on each of my clients. What you may receive as an exercise may not be useful or the same from someone else – the uniqueness of who you are and where you are on your path right now is what matters.

Together we can cover topics of:

  • Wellness Coaching – The techniques used in this practice, are techniques that I have used in my own life to support me shifting from dark experiences towards a life filled with life. Together we progress within an effortless flow, where your own self-development will guide the consultation, and you feel that the gradual development is coming from your own readiness instead from me pushing you towards a goal. The goal here doesn’t exist, what matter is your intention and commitment to look, observe, shift and transform your own life with my help – the doer is your own self. Self- fulfilment and achievement can be successful when you are willing to make the change (beneficial to all women from all ages and paths).
  • Primal Conception – What is your idea related to conceiving? Have you heard about conscious conception? Together we will explore ways to support you to understand the deepness and vastness concepts that exists relating conscious conception to fertility, pregnancy, birth and parenting. A conscious approach towards conceiving is the foundation of Primal conception.
  • Primal Fertility – Why do you think you can’t get pregnant? It is a fear that you carry or was it shown in exams that you or/and your partner can’t get pregnant? Have you explored all the natural ways before giving up on your pregnancy?
  • Primal Pregnancy – How much bliss can someone bring into its own pregnancy? I would work more intimately with you during your pregnancy. Together we will go through sacred ways of helping you to have a safe, conscious, grounded, healthy, happy and fulfilled pregnancy. We will cover topics that are related to your pregnancy and also related to the magic that pregnancy is.
  • Primal Birth Journey & Primal Postpartum support – We will work by focusing on your Birth traumas debriefing your own experience at the same time working of various techniques to help you overcome any and all traumas developed throughout pregnancy, birth journey and your postpartum care. The work will support you as a pampering time where you can relax, and immerse yourself into a nurturing space where you can overcome any obstacles.
  • Primal Woman Coaching – Primal Woman coaching is based on few years of working with women and following up their growth by reminding them what they had forgotten. What we follow is particularly designed for the process of the woman, may she be covering topics like health, spiritual search, relationship, loneliness, traumas, etc. Working on the Yin aspect of the subconscious really support the masculine shadow to be integrated. This programme can support women finding themselves, through their feminine source, after losing touch with this natural, empowering and primal way of being. Going beyond our roles of thee wife/girlfriend, mother, sister, niece, auntie, caretaker, and so on we work on clearing the layers of the onion bit but bit but applying subtle but effective techniques, that can support you shifting old fears, hesitations, traumas, ideas, expectations, frustrations and insecurities of the inner child (girl) within. Allow me to help you finding transformation and let that shinning woman flow naturally from within, without any fear of being fulfilled and happy.
  • Sacred Relationship – Often I help couples to deal with their choices of being together but listening to their experience and doing work with the couple as well as with the individual. When we realise that we are beyond the physical body, we start to see that in life we manifest what we experience and if your relationship is struggling to find its path towards sacredness, it might mean that something is off balance. I will offer your ceremonies, exercises, ideas and rites of passage to practice as a couple that want to be together to experience joy, true love and spiritual and lasting growth. It only take one heart to wish change until the other heart realises the call towards a new and sacred way of relating.IMG_5580
  • Primal Health Series: Primal Health – This is advisable for those looking to find a way of shifting a particular issue that you want to release or work on intensively – eg. Weight loss or Restorative Exercise Weekly programme, or Relaxation to support lack of sleep.
  • Physical Body Programme
  • Emotional Body Programme
  • Mental Body Programme
  • Soul Programme

Consultation cost: £65  1st Appointment –  follow ups: £60 (60mins)

Cancellation Fee for Consultations:

Deposit of £20 in necessary to guarantee your booking. (no refundable – but transferable when agreed in advance).

Full treatment payment due 7 days prior to your consultation – Payment is made via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

*Should you need to cancel a treatment/meeting within 24 hrs I charge a 50% cancellation fee

Refunds: *Fee is no refundable but transferable. You also have the option to re-schedule your consultation, when cancellation is made within 48hrs notice*